GSMGA has a unique opportunity to partner with The Belle W. Baruch Foundation and Hobcaw Barony to recreate an heirloom vegetable garden in the Hobcaw Barony Friendfield Village section that contains the remaining slave cabins.  Tim McCants, a descendent of slaves who served on the rice plantations that were collected together by Bernard Baruch as Hobcaw Barony, lived in one of these cabins and maintained a kitchen/vegetable garden into the 1950's.  The 15 X 20 foot garden is to host the varieties of vegetables grown by McCants and his forefathers on the former plantations of Hobcaw such as Michau, Calais, Oryzantia, Alderly, Crab Hall, Bellefield, Friendfield, Strawberry Hill, etc.  The garden will be next to one of the former slave cabins and will be surrounded by the same type of wooden fencing used by the slaves and their ancestors in their home countries of Western Africa to keep out feral pigs and other animals.  

This fascinating project will tap all the talents of the GSMGA members and will require:

In addition to the heirloom vegetable garden, Hobcaw could also use help restoring the landscape and some hardscape around The Hobcaw House.  If GSMGA agrees to take on these tasks as Phase II and/or III parts of the project, the grant GSMGA will write and will coordinate with The Belle W. Baruch Foundation will cover all expenses incurred. 

This project (no matter how few or many phases) is a huge opportunity to fulfill our MG mission of educational outreach by partnering with an important local foundation that educates the public about the historical rice plantations (unique to our area of South Carolina) and is an "outdoor laboratory" used by Clemson and USC.  It also is exactly the kind of exciting project that can get GSMGA in the news, attract new members who want to join a group doing such interesting things, and allows us to raise grant funding that can be used not only for work on this project but may allow us to donate the remainder to Hobcaw/BWB (community service).  We might also be able to use remaining funds to sponsor a horticultural student or researcher at Hobcaw.  Lots of options for GSMGA.  This can be really big for us!
Hobcaw Barony Heirloom Vegetable Garden
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Incredible Info:

  • Slave fence building
  • Construction of a path through the garden
  • Grant writing to request funding for the garden, interpretative signage, etc.
Educational Outreach
Community Service
Continuing Education
  • Historical research into vegetable and plant varieties
  • Sourcing of these heirloom plant and seed materials
  • Soil preparation & planting
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